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130217 - Marlborough - $510,000

Location: Marlborough. Ref #: 130217. Refits & Refurbishments; Quality Service Provider.

Generating $1m + GST in sales per annum, this business has successfully operated in its niche maritime market for many years. It has provided a great income to a variety of owners during this time and there are  plenty of very experienced staff who will remain with the business post-sale.

Competitive advantage within its industry is provided by:
• Location & facilities
• Satisfied & loyal client base
• Excellent supplier relationships
• Quality of work
• Thriving market segment
• Stability & quality of key staff

This business's success is leveraged off its ideal location, brand credibility, excellent staff and superior assets. They have a positive relationship with their landlord, and are assured of longevity at their current site.

Significant and long term vendor support is available (with a key owner/staff member likely to remain with the business post-sale) and can be structured in such a way as to minimise the risk of any IP or client loss through the transfer of ownership. The buyer will enjoy working in a beautiful location and any experience within the marine, painting or joinery sectors would be an advantage.

Net Surplus: $248,095 EBPITD

Contact:  Damien Fahey

Office: Christchurch

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