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131117 - Destination Store - $430,000

Location. Christchurch. Ref: #131117. High-End Market; NZ Brands/Manufacturers; Long & Established History; Retiring Owner.

 This established retail business has been in operation since 1956. The current owners have successfully been in charge for the last 29 years, but retirement looms!

Business highlights include:

  • *        Established and profitable
  • *        Fantastic location with secure lease
  • *        Opportunities to grow
  • *        Reasonably non-technical
  • *        Can be operated by one owner and no or little staff
  • *        Monday-Saturday trading only
  • *        Credibility in the marketplace



The buyer can fit any number of profiles, provided they are a “people person” and will enjoy the industry. This includes:

  • *        Expats wanting to relocate back to Christchurch
  • *        Experienced retailers seeking a change of pace (Average of 5 sales per week)

Empty-nesters seeking a second income from a fun and classy business.

FME Surplus $171,000 EBPITD 

Contact: Sam Cherry

Office: Christchurch

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