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161216 - Immigration Consultancy - $1,500,000

Ref #: 161216. Who knows of a LEGAL PRACTICE looking for growth

 Established in 2009 this Immigration consultancy has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. They have more work than they can handle and need HELP!

Ideally we need a Lawyer or Law firm to bolt this business to their existing practice. Practicing Lawyers (and their employees) are exempt from needing a license under the Immigration Advisors Licensing Act 2007. Currently a law graduate taken into this business can take up to three years to gain their license.

The business has all the marketing / database management systems and processes set up for further expansion.

The business DOES NOT provide additional services that their clients need. Instead passing that business to outside advisors; EG Conveyancing, General legal advise etc.

A few years ago the owner decided to grow the business so he could do less work and spend more time with his family. The opposite has happened. He created a marketing engine and database management system that has created an avalanche of ongoing work. Their biggest challenge now is securing qualified advisors to deliver on the work load.

Ideally the owner would like to retain an active role post sale. They are passionate about the growth opportunities in front of them. There is a real desire and passion to work with a new owner to deliver on their strategies.

Net Surplus: $699,406 - YE March 2017 EBPITD

                     $612,081 YE March 2016 EBPITD

EBPITD: Earnings before paying one Proprietor, Interest, Tax and Depreciation

Contact: Brodie Wilson

Office: Wellington


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