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201117 - Simple manufacturing business - $394,907

Location. North Shore, Auckland. Ref #:201117. Sales/Marketing skills focus needded to take to next level.

This fundamentally simple manufacturing business requires a confident buyer, with a good sales and marketing focus, who can take it to the next level.

This business has been in existence for 30 years.  It manufactures products for a variety of clients in both the corporate and public sectors. Its most profitable product line is required in virtually every workplace.

The business has created designs for around 400 different items.  The production process is flexible, with products able to be made in standard dimensions or to individual client specifications, and at short notice.  The client base is very diverse, with the top two clients in 2016/17 each making up just 5% of sales.

 Business strengths:

    • Established business with 30 year trading history
    • Fundamentally simple business model and production process
    • Very large addressable market
    • Very broad client base – corporate and government sectors
    • Nearly 6,000 names on the client database
    • Large number of designs
    • Ability to produce customised orders at short notice
    • Ability to further grow client base through simple marketing
    • Monday to Friday operation

    The business will suit someone who has both practical and general management skills, and a basic understanding of sales and marketing techniques. It may also suit someone with a cabinetry background, although this is not essential.

    Net Surplus:  $158,444 projected 2017/18; $142,438 actual 2016/17 EBPITD

    EBPITD - Earnings Before Proprietor, Interest, Tax and Depreciation

     Contact: Jonathan Barrett

    Office: Auckland

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