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SOLD 210415-1 - Paving & Hard Landscaping Specialists - $1,250,000

Greater Auckland - Relocatable

 Not often do we come across a business with this much forward work already booked. Currently this represents approximately 9 months of work based on current revenue levels and a value in excess of $2 million.

This long established business is Auckland's leading provider of concrete paving, specialising in hard landscaping paving for all types of residential, commercial and industrial uses and markets. The company services the greater Auckland area working between Maungawhai in the north and Papakura  in the south. With 20+ years in existence, the business's brand and reputation are well known.

The business employs 12 pavers who work in teams of 2 or 3 to complete most projects. A further 3 employees work in administration managing the scheduling, quoting, quantity surveying and other business operations. 80% of total revenue comes from commercial and industrial work. On average, 5 to 6 paving jobs are in progress each working day.

Examples of the work the business does include:

  • City street upgrades using cobbles and kerb channel concrete works
  • High rise buildings and apartments using wet cast pavers on mortar and raised pedestal/deck jacks over water proof membranes on decks and terraces
  • Granite and natural stone products for foyers and entrances
  • Courtyard paving, terrace retaining walls etc.
  • Hard work stand areas using machine laid interlocking paving, grass paving and permeable paving for ground water soakage
  • Residential paving for driveways, BBQ areas, courtyards, pool surrounds, pool coping, retaining walls and steps; and
  • Exposed aggregate, plain and coloured concrete driveways and footpaths

 This is a very simple project based business model. All paving staff are assigned to and manage on a project-by-project basis and move directly between projects.

The business is currently operated from the owner's lifestyle property. This presents an opportunity to relocate the business to a site that suits a purchasers personal preferences and circumstances.

The ideal new owner would be someone who wants an established business with capacity to improve and grow. Alternatively, an existing paving or concreting operator may be able to absorb the business into their operations and use their existing cost structures to significantly improve returns on investment, thereby growing their own business at the same time.

Net Surplus: $432,383 Surplus to one working owner ( Average for the last 2 years)

EBPITD: Earnings Before paying one Proprietor, Interest, Tax and Depreciation

 Contact: Andrew Larsen

 Office: Auckland


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