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220617 - Electrical Contractor - $375,000

Ref #: 220617. Niche Markets; "Sticky" Clients. This Business Stands Out...

 Sales over $600k + GST are generated by two qualified staff and a working owner who is only partly "on the tool". The business has not depended on the EQ rebuild, with sales coming from;

  • Primary sector clients within a specific niche
  • Lifestyle blocks
  • Geographically local clients
  • Repeat maintenance work for commercial/industrial clients
  • Regulatory change and supply chain developments driving business within a core market

The working owner is retiring due to age and health considerations. The staff are well trained and fully qualified.

The ideal buyer could be:

  • An existing electrical business wishing to add $250-$300k gross margin (after purchases & wages) to their business and capture "sticky" clients
  • An experienced electrical tradesman on wages wanting to own and operate their own business
  • A manager who understands the sector and will work "on" the business to generate growth

The new owner is likely to benefit from R & D projects the vendor will continue to work on at a supply level post sale.

Other Background

  • Currently run from a home office
  • Little to no advertising spend - mostly referral & repeat business
  • Consistent sales & profit for last four years
  • Mostly Monday-Friday with limited need for weekend and overtime hours
  • Overheads less than $50k including vehicle expenses
  • Mostly "charge up" work

This is not just another "sparky" business; it is appealing and will sell quickly!

Net Surplus: $ 207,327 EBPITD

Contact: Damien Fahey

Office: Christchurch

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