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301116-1 - Manufacturing Premium Furniture - $585,000

Location: Wellington. Ref #: 301116-1. Commercial and Residential; 35 Year History.

 This is Wellington's PREMIER manufacturer of quality mid to high end residential and commercial furniture. Their workshop offers a comprehensive, custom made to order service for households, businesses, corporate, film industry, hospitality and government clients.

The business has built an ENVIABLE long term reputation for being a total furniture, upholstery and design house.

Their brand is highly recognised, highly regarded and represents lasting quality. They work closely with designers and architects on various commercial projects.

A team of specialist staff with long service history are employed in their factory. This ensures a high level of QUALITY and accountability remains in house.

There are a number of additional areas identified a purchaser could attend;

  • Additional wholesaling into mid to high end stores throughout New Zealand
  • Greater online / digital marketing including e-commerce strategy
  • Strategy around use of the existing customer database
  • Attending to the Government procurement process
  • Additional use of the factory through product diversification

In addition the business has a product design patent. They have an Australian distributor who produces under license. The owner has not reviewed this or any other international opportunities for a  long time.

Turnover is circa $1.75m. There is a history of a stable level of turnover and EBPITD performance. Stock levels included in the sale price is some $155k. Work in progress levels vary between $100k to $400k. Current estimates are approximately 6 weeks work in front of them. Staff numbers are currently eleven plus two working owners.

The majority of vehicles, machinery and equipment have been replaced within the past 4 years. Capital expenditure requirements is currently zero.

Both owners are happy to assist in the transition of the business. One could be interested in staying on in some capacity depending on the purchaser requirements.

Net Surplus: $310,918 -  YE March 2017 EBPITD

Net Surplus: $285,333 - YE March 2016 EBPITD

Contact: Brodie Wilson

Office: Wellington


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