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In some cases, businesses are not ready to be sold. In these instances, Tabak is able to work with our clients and their advisors to prepare the business for sale – and where appropriate, improve the future value of that enterprise.

In particular, we can assist with the following:

  • Valuation – What is the current market value of your business?
  • Value Gap Calculator – What is the gap between what you want to sell the business for and what the market will likely pay?
  • Value Improvement – How do you close the gap and get the most out of your asset?
  • Business Plan Development – Strategies for real value improvement.
  • Succession & Transition Planning - Leaving at the right time, for the right price.
  • Business Life Planning Program - Planning life in and away from the business.
  • Staff Value Program - Are your staff working "with" or "for" you?
  • Best Practice Programs.
  • Benchmarking.

If you would like to discuss the above Consultancy services in more detail, please contact your local Tabak office, by clicking here.

For more information, please view the following pages:

For more information, please view the following pages: