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Essential Services Business

Plumbing; Strong Demand; Trading Well

$1.250,000 including stock and plant - Hamilton



This business has been operating for many years with annual sales currently sitting just over $2.0m plus GST.  It provides plumbing, gas fitting and drain laying services to the rural, residential, light commercial and industrial markets throughout the Southern Waikato region.

The following attributes make this an excellent business:

  • Benefits from the housing market boom and growing post-covid renovation trend
  • Long established and well known in market
  • Large and diverse customer database - no key customer risk
  • Only 20% of work is quoted
  • Capable and settled team of staff and contractors - owner willing to contract back
  • Growth trend evident in sales and profitability
  • Opportunities exist to further grow the business
  • Preferred supplier status with corporate and government agencies
  • Various product agencies - repeat sales
  • Regulatory environment supports demand
  • Well maintained plant and equipment
  • Good systems and procedures in place
  • Stock circa $30k; P&E is circa $268k

This business would ideally suit a person knowledgeable in the trades sector, a tradesperson looking to take the next step in business or a person who works within the plumbing trade e.g. supplier, manufacturer etc.  The owner's role is predominately general and operational management.

This is a great opportunity to pick up and run a successful business that has a strong foundation of sales, profit and market awareness. 

Net Surplus: $475,673 EBPITD based on an average of the last 3 years

EBPITD: Earnings before paying one Proprietor, Interest, Tax and Depreciation

Contact: Sam Williamson
Office: Hamilton

Confidentiality Agreement for Business Reference 210720, Broker Name Sam Williamson

Between Tabak Business Sales and the Interested Party.  The Interested Party must be an individual's name, NOT a company name.

In consideration of Tabak Business Sales (being any or all of Tabak Ltd (Licensed under REA 2008) and/or Tabak Business Sales Limited (Licensed under REA 2008) and their respective business brokers) entering into discussions relating to the possible acquisition of the assets or shares of any business(es) presented to me by Tabak Business Sales and specifically the business referenced above, I/We hereby agree and undertake as follows:

  1. To treat as totally confidential the identity of the business(es) disclosed to me and any details as to its operation or financial accounts;
  2. I acknowledge that the financial records, customer and supplier details and other information relating to the business to be disclosed to me shall at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of the Vendor and that such information is of competitive value and of a confidential nature and that loss or damage would be sustained by the Vendor if such information should be used or divulged by me for any purpose other than the evaluation of the purchase of the business or should it become into the possession of an unauthorised third party;
  3. Not to disclose the identity or any details of the operation or financial accounts to any third party (except my accountant or legal advisor who shall agree to respect this requirement for confidentiality) unless expressly authorised in writing by the Vendor or by Tabak Business Sales;
  4. Not to make an approach to the Vendor of any business disclosed to me by Tabak Business Sales, or the business' staff, customers or suppliers without prior arrangement with Tabak Business Sales and to refer all queries through Tabak Business Sales;
  5. We acknowledge that Tabak Business Sales is the introducing agent, and that all offers and deposits for the business, shares or property will be conducted through that office;
  6. If, I as a potential buyer breach clause 4 of this agreement and buy directly or indirectly this business from the Vendor of the business quoted then I the buyer will be responsible for any loss of commission due to Tabak Ltd (Licensed under REA 2008) and/or Tabak Business Sales Limited (Licensed under REA 2008) as the case may be;
  7. If, I as a potential buyer breach clause 1, 2 or 3 of this agreement I undertake to indemnify Tabak Business Sales against any actions, proceedings, costs, claims, demands or liabilities which you may suffer in consequence of that breach;
  8. That all information is received for no other purpose than the evaluation of the investment potential of the business;
  9. If I decide not to proceed with the investment, I agree to immediately return to Tabak Business Sales all written information supplied by it and retain no copies and to delete any electronic records including all emails and attachments relating to the business(es);
  10. Acceptance by Electronic Mail: Execution of this Agreement and transmission between the parties by electronic signature and email response each to the other or their representative will constitute offer and acceptance and satisfy the requirements of Section 5 of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002.
  11. Privity: For the purposes of Part 2, Subpart 1 of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, the parties acknowledge and agree that the agreements and undertakings given by the recipient in this Confidentiality Agreement are given for the benefit of the Vendor and its related companies and representatives, and are enforceable at the suit of all or any of them.

Before proceeding with this Confidentiality Agreement, it is recommended that any prospective purchaser

  1. seeks legal advice.
  2. may or may need to seek technical or other advice and information.
  3. review Tabak Business Sales’ internal process in relation to any complaints.  A copy of these can be found here.
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