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Newsletter - December 2021

We finish the year with a retro perspective of 2021 and what we have experienced around the country in each of our Tabak branches

Tabak Auckland

While Auckland might technically be at the Red Light level - from a business sales perspective it has been pretty much Green all year long (perhaps with the odd patch of Orange here and there).  Demand has been strong and quality businesses have been transacting well.

However, as with property there has been some reduction in the number of opportunities available.  The drivers for this are different though - as many business owners want to ensure their businesses remain viable and profitable.  I suspect that while there will be the inevitable casualties, we will also see stronger and more robust business models.

Alex, Andrew, Jonathan & Robert

Tabak Hamilton

The Waikato continues to enjoy strong growth in the region with a number of major companies relocating their head offices to Hamilton including organisations like Rabo Bank.

Hamilton central city continues to expand and the regional towns such as Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Morrinsville are also reporting solid business trade across most industries despite the challenges of Covid.

Million dollar plus opportunities are sought after, each business in this range has sold over the past 24 months and there are buyers looking for this size of opportunity across the Agri, trade and manufacturing sectors.  With a good number of businesses in the pipeline and support from banks looking to lend, all bodes well for a range of excellent business opportunities in 2022.

Murray & John

Tabak Tauranga

Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty  continues to be an active market place with several successful sales in the $1 million plus bracket.  There continues to be a plentiful supply of purchasers entering the market with many wanting to exit Auckland or companies looking to expand via acquisitions.  Well-presented and realistically valued businesses are not lasting long on the market, however we are finding that purchasers are experiencing delays in securing finance from under pressure financial institutions.

The prospects for 2022 appear positive with a number of business owners advising us that they are looking to go to the market next year, now that the "uncertainty" surrounding on going lockdowns appears to be diminishing.  The Tauranga branch will welcome a new broker, Philipp Wilkins, at the beginning of January and we look forward to sharing in his fresh enthusiasm that we know he will bring to the office and our clients.

Kevin, Paul, Sam, Glenda & Julie

Tabak Wellington

Wellington is representing a number of good quality businesses that have all navigated Covid really well.  Staff and product supply are still a common challenge with huge demand, specially in and around the trade space.  We have successfully transitioned a number of new business owners over the past 12 months.  We wish them every success on their new journey.

As we head into 2022, we will have a few of these existing listings under contract.  Also looking forward to bringing some new listings to market early in the New Year.

Happy Holidays.

Brodie Wilson

Tabak South Island

The Tabak South Island team have generated a record sales year with 19 confirmed sales in the calendar year and a further three businesses currently in due diligence.  Demand drivers have been expats returning, the low interest rate environment; the attractive returns still available on the businesses we have taken to market and some simply "buy yourself a job" opportunities.  The year is finished strongly with new listings planned for release across the Island over the next 2-3 weeks, and for the first time, a number of listings already likely for Q1 or Q2 next year.  Whilst interest rates are now on the rise, in real terms they are still modest in comparison to the ROI's that can be generated by successful going concern businesses.  Ironically several listings we thought may be more challenging (or niche) sold relatively quickly, whilst others that we felt may be more appealing, remain unsold - but we remain confident they will find a new home within the next 12 months.  

Have a pleasant and peaceful Xmas-New Year and we'll see you on the other side...

Damien, Sam, Kevin & Diane