Forget about the “back of the envelope” valuation.  In today’s market – these are just not good enough.  Banks don’t like them. Accountants don’t like them.  And, most importantly, buyers don’t like them.

We always tell our clients that you only get one chance at getting it right.  That starts by doing a comprehensive valuation on your business – clearly identifying what your business may be worth right now – or, with a little bit of work, how much it realistically can be worth in the near future.

Business valuation is not only for those people thinking of selling their business. 

Business valuations may also be required for:

  • Buying a business;
  • Retirement planning;
  • Insurance purposes;
  • Management buy-in or buy-outs;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Partnership or matrimonial splits;
  • Funding or recapitalisation;
  • Mergers; and
  • Acquisitions.

If you require a Fair Market Valuation on a business, please contact your local Tabak office, by clicking here.